OMG!!!! Beyoncé's Body Snapback Is INSANE!!!!
Beyonce And Jay Z Named Their Babies!! #IvyUnleashed
Jay Z Did This For Some Lucky Dads On Father's Day!!!! ~@JayOnAir96The rapper gave back to some struggling dads this Father's Day!!!!!
BEYONCE DELIVERS TWINS With Complications?!? #IvyUnleashed
President Obama Just Leaked Something HUGE!!!! (Video) ~@JayOnAir96OMG!!!! What did he just say?!?!
Beyonce In LABOR With TWINS?!?! #IvyUnleashed
We Belong Together
DNA Test Reveals Married Couple Are Actually Biological Twins!! #IvyUnleashed
Did Beyonce Just Reveal That She's Having Twin Boys? #Jp
Adorable Twins Boys Haul Ass To Bed Like They Are Running From The Cops!
A Woman Sues For Child Support . . . and Finds Her Twins Have Different Fathers

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