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#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez – The Walking Dead for Sale!

Nine buildings in downtown Grantville, Georgia are for sale on eBay for $680,000. Grantville’s former mayor, bought the buildings in a foreclosure deal about four years ago during the recession. So yeah … Downtown Grantville is […]

11 hours ago

Photo by Lucy Lopez & Suzy Toledo

#LucyLopez Celebrates #Sriracha!

There are many things that make me happy in life. My daughters. My husband. Sam Edelman sandals. I want to share with you my favorite condiment.  A condiment that should  be added to everything you […]

11 hours ago

(Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images)

#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez – ESPN VS. IGGY AZALEA

On Sunday – Robert Flores took a jab at the fanciest woman in your ear. He pretty much said that Iggy ruined hip hop! Fast forward to yesterday afternoon… Nick Young (Iggy’s boyfriend) of the L.A. Lakers […]

11 hours ago

(Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez – Sad Day for Men!

A new study in England just examined the age-old topic of men’s JUNK SIZE.  And the result is . . . your unimpressive package is perfectly normal.  The average man is 3.6 inches (this is […]

12 hours ago

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#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez – 2Chainz is Ridiculous and that’s OK!

2 CHAINZ did another one of his “Most Expensivest [Crap]” videos for “GQ”.  This time he smokes a joint rolled with 24-karat edible gold papers, packed with the “world’s most expensive cannabis,” which is $800 […]

12 hours ago

Getty Images/ Photo Credit: GENYA SAVILOV / Stringer

#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez – Wanna be our Fartner In Crime?

There’s a new social network called ‘Fartners’ where you share the sound of your FLATULENCE.  You record your gas with an app, then post it for people to rate or comment on it.  It’s only […]


Getty Images Photo Credit: Tim Boyle

#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez: KFC EDIBLE COFFEE CUPS.

KFC COFFEE CUPS!  Remember that scene in Futurama where one of the main characters, Fry says “Shut up and take my money!”  That’s pretty much how I feel right now. I can honestly say that […]


Getty Images// Photo By: Jemal Countess

#LucyLopez talks with #Zendaya

I remember this interview as if it was yesterday. I thought I would get a head start on #TBT and post a little something to honor my friend. I met Z’s parents and they were […]


Getty Images // Credit: David Becker / Stringer

#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez – Giuliana Rancic Apologizes to Zendaya. #Update

Zendaya’s hair is the topic of conversation on every fashion blog this week!  You can actually thank E! Fashion Police for this.   Giuliana Rancic made some questionable comments about Z’s hair.   “She might […]



#LucyLopez and #FeelGood Tuesday.

OH HAPPY DAY! Today, 5 million internet trolls died a horrible online death. Today, the internet redeemed itself – because Facebook saved this kid’s birthday. Glenn Buratti, a 6-year-old who happens to have mild autism […]




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