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Surviving The Walking Dead with Seth And The Power Morning Show

Television’s #1 show, AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD, is returning SUNDAY, February 8th at 9/8c and The Power Morning Show is sending you to the premiere in L.A! Starting February 2nd, 2015 – Listen all week to the […]

4 hours ago

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I’m In LOVE With Chipotle…and the CoCo [VIDEO]

This is too funny!! You gotta love a great parody video! Especially when it involves burritos! “Guacamole, I got guacamole!!”   courtesy of: youtube.com

6 hours ago

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Feed Me !

So one halloween i made a plant costume at home in order to scare my coworkers… it took quite a while to put this suit together but it was well worth it.. Shout out to […]

12 hours ago


#BIGLIP: A Woman Assaulted Her Neighbor With a Snow Blower

On Tuesday, a 61-year-old woman near Boston assaulted her neighbor with a SNOW BLOWER. It’s not clear if she hit her with it, blew snow at her, or both. But the neighbor ended up with […]

22 hours ago


#BIGLIP: A Woman Tells a Cop She Wasn’t Driving Drunk and Promptly Poops Her Pants

A 47-year-old woman in Florida was swerving in her car a few weeks ago, and got pulled over. She said she’d only had two beers, but when the cop gave her a sobriety test  she […]

22 hours ago


#Biglip: A Woman Is Caught Driving Bottomless While Sitting on a Bottle of Cheap Whiskey

A 33-year-old woman was driving drunk last September and hit another car. When the cops got there, they found she was BOTTOMLESS  and sitting on an empty bottle of cheap whiskey.  She was just charged […]

22 hours ago

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Barack Obama ‘Sings’ Uptown Funk [VIDEO]

This is just awesome!! I mean, the only person that could possibly make this song any better is Barack Obama, of course!! “Don’t believe me? JUST WATCH!!”   courtesy of:  youtube.com


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This is THE HEALTHIEST Juice in the WORLD! [VIDEO]

Los Angeles is the epicenter of hipster foodie trends and crazes. Nowadays, there’s a huge trend around so called ‘cold pressed’ juices that are supposed to be healthier and better for you, but are outrageously expensive. […]


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#Jp-Changing My Life !

I am in the works to accomplish something that i have been wanting/needed in my life for a while now. don’t want to give too many details yet but i have to say that i […]


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Trailer for the Upcoming Daft Punk Movie! [VIDEO]

Eden, the feature film on Daft Punk and the 90s French House scene, will be screened this Tuesday and Wednesday at Sundance Film Festival. In the meantime, the official trailer for the film directed by Mia-Hansen […]



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