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French Montana Plays With His MONKEY?!? #IvyUnleashed (video)

French Montana had no problem speaking his mind and clowin’ w/ DJ and I! Check out the video below where he TRICKS ME and ALMOST had a totally awkward moment! lol -Ivy Unleashed @IvyPower96 FRENCH […]

28 mins ago

Cardi B Goes NUTS!!! #IvyUnleashed

Cardi B is over “beaches” hating on her, and this girl ain’t holding back! This girl went on IG to make an Instagram video to shoutout the “beaches” she loves and call out the ones […]


She Got A Tattoo Of WHO’S Face?!? WOW! #IvyUnleashed

A week after finalizing her divorce from producer Dot Da Genius, Jhene Aiko got a tattoo of her boyfriend Big Sean’s face inked on the back of her left arm. Billboard reports that the tattoo […]


WHO Got Caught Doing Cocaine On VIDEO!!! #IvyUnleashed

Miami Dolphins assistant coach Chris Foerster resigned today after a video surfaced of him snorting lines of a white powdery substance (gee, what could that be?) off a desk at what’s believed to be the […]


O.J. Simpson Staging Fake Paparazzi Video For Cash?!? #IvyUnleashed

he Juice needs some loose change! TMZ reports that O.J. Simpson may be trying to stage fake paparazzi run-ins as a way to make money after he was released from a Nevada prison earlier this […]


Iggy Azalea Sued For THIS!! #IvyUnleashed

Iggy Azalea is reportedly being hauled into court by American Express for owing $300,000 on her credit card. According to TMZ, Iggy’s balance (which is exactly $299,147.81) is $250,000 over her credit limit. Amex is […]


Did Justin Bieber’s Pastor Screen New Girlfriend Paola Paulin?!? #IvyUnleashed

After news broke this week that Justin Bieber is dating 26-year-old Ballers actress Paola Paulin, The Sun reports that Bieber’s new squeeze was screened beforehand by his Hillsong Church pastor, Carl Lentz. “Justin does not […]


Lionel Richie Thinks Scott Disick Is “Worst Person” For Daughter Sophia #IvyUnleashed

Lionel Richie sure seems to hate Scott Disick, the chronically inebriated 34-year-old father of Kourtney Kardashian’s three kids. “He thinks Scott is the worst person she could ever see and that he raised her better […]


Comedian Ralphie May dies at 45 #IvyUnleashed

Comedian Ralphie May passed away at the age of 45 today at a private residence in Las Vegas, where he performed on Thursday at Harrah’s. TMZ reports that the cause of death was cardiac arrest, […]


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