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Drake Did THIS To His Body?!? WOW! #IvyUnleashed

Drake has been going in with tattoos lately. And now he has to more to add to the collection! He recently got a tat of Lil Wayne, and now a tattoo of Denzel Washington?!? Well, […]


FPL Hurricane Relief Rebates A JOKE!!! #IvyUnleashed

So many people here in South Florida were super excited to hear that Florida Power And Light were giving rebates for the food that went spoiled in our refrigerators, as a result of losing power […]


Walkie-Talkie App Becomes Apple Store’s Most Popular As Hurricane Irma Nears #IvyUnleashed

So many friends and family members sent this to me today! Not bad to help out during this nasty storm. #hurricaneirma (click on link below) -Ya Chica #IvyUnlashed @IvyPower96 http://miami.cbslocal.com/2017/09/06/walkie-talkie-app-hurricane/


Taylor Swift REJECT Calvin Harris’ Proposal?!? #IvyUnleashed

Following the release of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” music video last week, fans have been scouring it for subtle messages. Their latest theory based on the “LWYMMD” clip is that Taylor […]


Cardi B NIP SLIP?!? #Video #IvyUnleashed

Ohhhh KAY! Where the heck was I at on Sunday night while watching the VMA’s? I never even caught this “almost” nip slip. But the crazier part is, where the HELL IS HER NIPPLE!! Like […]


Ed Sheeran & Lil Uzi Vert Perform ‘Shape of You’ & ‘XO Tour Llif3’ Medley #VMAs #IvyUnleashed

This performance at the VMA’s was just AWESOME!!! Check out the video below. -Ya Chica #IvyUnleashed @IvyPower96


Taylor Swift DID WHAT?!?! #IvyUnleashed

So many people are freaking out over the fact that TAYLOR SWIFT is dropping a new album!!! Not only that, but she’s also releasing a new song within the next 24 hours according to her […]


Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry Tells Lil Kim Notorious B.I.G. Is Her Soulmate! (Video) #IvyUnleashed

So many people are going in on this video! *ONE: People are clowning because they say that Kim’s had so much work done that she can’t even move her face and no one can tell […]


Another Woman Comes Out! Accuses R Kelly Of Paying Her To Do THIS!!! WOW! #IvyUnleashed

Another woman has stepped forward alleging that R. Kelly engaged in a bizarre, underage relationship with her for years. On Monday, now-24-year-old Jerhonda Pace told BuzzFeed she received money from the singer in exchange for […]


Jay Z FINALLY Dishes Out About The Elevator Incident With Solange!! (Video) #IvyUnleashed

Jay Z opened up about the scuffle in the elevator where Solange went NUTS on him kicking and punching him! “We had one disagreement ever. Before and after we’ve been cool,” Jay said in a […]


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