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#IvyUnleashed: Scott Disick – ANOTHER celeb in rehab!

This is truly a sad situation, as I know from a family history, how horrible and destructive an addiction can be. Scott Disick has decided to do the right thing and enter rehab in Costa […]


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#IvyUnleashed: Jessica Alba is SERIOUS! Now she’s giving Kim Kardashian some competition…

Jessica Alba is the latest to chop it ALL OFF with no regrets! Now that she and Kim Kardashian have both done it, I smell a “Spring Trend” on the way. Everybody and dey momma […]


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Shots FIRED at Lil Wayne’s home in Miami Beach [UPDATED]

There are very few details know. However, there was a call of shots in Lil Wayne’s mansion in La Gorce Island on Miami Beach. The home is surrounded with police cars as officers are attempting […]


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#IvyUnleashed: #ChrisBrown’s baby’s name worse that NORTH WEST?

So either you’ll love it or hate it! According to TMZ his babie’s name is ROYALTY! I actually like it! Is that ratchet of me? lol Whether Chris had a say so in the name […]


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#IvyUnleashed: #ChrisBrown a DADDY? What The …..

Yuuup! Say it ain’t so! According to TMZ he Isssss the Father! (Maury Voice) Chris Brown is said to be happy that he’s a daddy to a 9 month old baby girl. So why haven’t […]


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#IvyUnleashed: Nasty rainy #Miami weather = SPOONING like a pro!

Now THIS is how to do it! If you haven’t mastered it yet, leave it to wikiHow to teach you how to properly SPOON in their article…Uhhhh…I LOVE spooning! <3   How to SPOON SOMEONE […]


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#IvyUnleashed: WOW! More SHOCKING Kardashian news! They did WHAT for $100 Million?

Lord I’m in the wrong business! One minute I’m hating on them, then the next I’m envious and wanting to do the same thing! They are reportedly getting a WHOPPING 100 million dollars for four […]


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#IvyUnleashed: Kim Kardashian – Another BARE BOOTY shot making the world go crazy!

In celebration of gaining 27 million follower on Instagram, Kim took a nice pic of her bare booty! I know her life and pics and sex tape are how she makes her money, but it’s […]


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#IvyUnleashed: CRAZY! Watch as Ariana Grande changes her voice with a glove!

So there are these gloves called “mimu” gloves that move and alter someone’s voice! This sounds like a Sci-Fi  kind of thing! So crazy! Watch Ariana Grande practice with them. She’ll be rocking these on […]


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#IvyUnleashed: #Fail Madonna falls on her BOOTAY! Tried not to laugh!

I’m sure this has to be a fear for EVERY celebrity! Madonna fell from a staircase during her performance of “Living For Love” at the Brit Awards. She went on social media and said she […]