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I guess these two want the world to be in the middle of their drama! they went off on each other on Instagram. I guess the break up pain is still very fresh. Who’s side […]


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Come on ROSS! lol Poor guy..Him and his people were riding in Georgia and they were pulled over for tinted windows. The car of course smelled like marijuana, so when the car was searched they […]


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#IvyUnleashed: Kim Kardashian did WHAT to get prego again?

So clearly I have been out of the loop on this one. Kim actually did IVF to get pregnnat! (just in case ur not so familiar, it’s where they get the sperm and egg together […]


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#IvyUnleashed: Enrique Iglesias fingers SLICED!

Poor Enrique Iglesias needs MOUTH TO MOUTH! Well….Maybe not THAT, but I’d be willing to give it to him! He had an accident in Tijuana, Mexico where he was performing which ended with his fingers […]


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#IvyUnleashed: Taylor Swift takes TOP SPOT on Maxim’s Hot 100 List!

Well well well….As if snatching up EIGHT Billboard Music Awards wasn’t enough, Taylor Swift has earned the TOP SPOT on Maxim’s Hot 100 List! They called Taylor “the world’s most relevant and intriguing woman.” People […]


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#IvyUnleashed: Chris Brown finally decides to WHAT?

Uhhhhh…Ya think it’s a good idea Chris Brown finally decided to buff up that security in his house?  I  mean he only had some crazed fan living in his house, eating his food, and finding […]


SANTA CRUZ, CHILE - MARCH 12:  A worker checks the quality of a wine as the Montgras winery continues to operate after the recent earthquake damaged its facility on March 12, 2010 in Santa Cruz, Chile. The winery is working at about 80 percent of capacity due to the damage. The quake caused damage to the heart of the country's largest wine production areas causing substantial damage in areas including the Cachapoal, Colchagu, Curico and Maule valleys.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

#IvyUnleashed: TheDownLowForLucyLo

So I had the honor to be able to fill in for my girl Lucy Lopez on the Morning Show while she’s nude on some deserted island working on her tan! Here are stories we […]


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#IvyUnleashed: Mama June taking it OFF at Florida Strip Club?!?

What the heck is going on here? As if Mama June wasn’t already RATCHET enough on her own, she now is taking it to the next level by appearing at the Crazy Horse strip club […]


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#IvyUnleashed: Chris Brown sharing an intimate moment with his ADORABLE baby girl Royalty

Chris Brown doesn’t have the best reputation, but this video he posted in instagram of his baby girl shows he definitely has a softer side! He’s a daddy now :) I think it’s a GREAT […]