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#IvyUnleashed: She showed her TA TAS!!! BOOBIES everywhere at the Miss California USA finals

OMG so embarrassing! Miss Beverly Hills Chanelle Riggan had a little issue with her bikini top at the Miss California USA finals …Poor girl showed them boobies to everybody! Good thing is though, they stayed […]

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#IvyUnleashed: VIDEO – Kanye West’s temper put to the TEST! Did he pass his boiling point when he saw Kim in her wedding dress the day she married Kris Humphries?

So it’s no secret that Kim’s been married before a couple times, but when you rub it all in Kanye’s face he’s going to lash out! Or maybe not? This fan wanted Kanye to sign […]



#IvyUnleashed: #tbt #BrunoMars has always been one to Roleplay! #ElvisPresley Impersonator at 4 years old

Dude I FELL in love with Bruno Mars when I saw this! He seriously has to be the cutest freaking little kid EVER. It’s obvious he was destined to be a star!



#IvyUnleashed: HILARIOUS #tbt #KevinHart freaks out when #naked chic catches on fire!

There’s nothing like a good ass laugh! And this will definitely do it. Watch as Kevin Hart freaks out when all of a sudden a chic catches on fire during Diddy’s album release party.



#IvyUnleashed: #AmberRose explains how #WizKhalifa was rejected because of his race

Amber Rose was brought to tears as she sat down with Oprah and explained how her own family skipped out on her wedding to Wiz because he’s African American. People still wonder exactly what nationality […]


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#IvyUnleashed: #NickiMinaj filled with emotion after she reveals her abortion in her documentary “My Time AGAIN”

We think we know so much about Nicki Minaj because of her detailed “no holds barred” type of lyrics, but we then find out we have no idea! We tend to forget that celebs are […]


(The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)

#IvyUnleashed: #JLo #JimmyFallon MUST WATCH video – “Catchphrase”

I LOVE THIS SHOW! It never fails. I always crack the hell up when I watch the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Such a breathe of fresh air! Check out how the competitive J Lo […]


(instagram @amberrose)

#IvyUnleashed: #AmberRose #BreakInstagram with SEXY pic in #Miami

Daaaaamn AMBER ROSE! Kim Kardashian may have “broken the internet” but Amber Rose broke Instagram! Everyone from my mom who saw this on Facebook, to my girls who I was having drinks with, was talking […]


Prince Royce Spank

#IvyUnleashed: The lost photo is FOUND! Prince Royce giving me a lil smack!

Finally it’s found!! I was so desperate to show this picture to Prince Royce when he was here a couple of months ago that I even searched my old MYSPACE account for like an hour! […]



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