Ya Chica Ivy

It’s The One And Only Ivy! Better Known As “YA CHICA IVY”, Coming At You With An All New Night Show…It’s Ivy Unleashed!

St. Patrick’s Day Police 👮 Punishes Employees At Power 96 #IvyUnleashed

Yup! Today I have given myself the title of “St. Patrick’s Day POLICE!” Anyone who DOESN’T have green on gets punished with a PINCH with a strong twist! Happy St. Patty’s Day! Be safe and […]


Kendall Jenner

SO SAD Kendall Jenner Is Going Through This! #IvyUnleashed

So according to cops, Kendall Jenner was not burglarized, they say it was an inside job when her $200,000 worth of jewelry was taken! How sad!! You can’t even trust your own peeps! Kendall reported […]


Meek Mill In HOT WATER!! #IvyUnleashed

Meek Mill was charged with assault after a fight went down in the St. Louis International Airport. An airport employee wanted to get a picture, but clearly Meek wasn’t in the mood and an altercation […]


When Your Kid Tells You About Yourself #IvyUnleashed

This kid cracks me up on the daily! Late night chronicles with my son #BabyZ 🌙 I cannot BELIEVE what he said (wait for the end) And he’s only TWO people 🤣#kidssaythedarndestthings #zenyusvalentino -Ya Chica […]


Shakira Turning Into A RAPPER?! #IvyUnleashed

This was super cute to see a different side of the “hips don’t lie” Shakira! Check her out as she goes in RAPPING to “Afro Puffs” by The Lady of Rage and Snoop Dogg! -Ya […]


Makeup Disaster EVERY Chic Has Made! #IvyUnleashed

So I THOUGH this color looked cute, but clearly not everyone agreed! They totally BASHED ME!!! lol Check out the video below where the Power 96 staff goes in on my BAD lipstick choice! hahaha […]


Pregnant Ciara In Car Accident!! #IvyUnleashed

This is such scary news!! Ciara is in her third trimester, and as she was was making a left turn while in her white Mercedes SUV in Los Angeles, a grey Volvo SUV collided into […]


Happy International Women’s Day From The Ladies Of Power 96 (Video) #IvyUnleashed 

Today was a HUGE day as we celebrated women-hood! Here are the reasons why the ladies of Power 96 love being women 💪🏽 -Ya Chica #IvyUnleashed @ivypower96 ​​ ​​​


Jason Derulo Did WHAT!?! #IvyUnleashed

Soooo Jason Derulo decided to spend over $70,000 AT A STRIP CLUB!!! So Miami of him! lmao But somebody explain to me how the heck this is a tax write off!?! Check out the video […]


Hugh Jackman Goes Into A RAGE! #BehindTheScenes #IvyUnleashed

OMG this is too cool! Check out this video of Hugh Jackman doing the Wolverine movie Voice Over and sooo getting into his character! -Ya Chica #IvyUnleashed @IvyPower96 Hi. @WolverineMovie @20thcenturyfox pic.twitter.com/dr95Zx1Nmg — Hugh Jackman […]



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