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Photo by Lucy Lopez & Suzy Toledo

Photo by Lucy Lopez & Suzy Toledo

Hola! I’m Lucy Lopez. Philanthropist of “Cool” and advocate of “Awkward.” We might know each other. I truly believe POP CULTURE is not limited to celebrity news – As a matter of fact, we really want to focus on local pop culture. We love it all, we welcome you to share our posts and please feel free to comment good, bad or the “usual”. Follow me on twitter @TheLucyLopez.

Florida Teen Pulled Over While Wearing Shrek Makeup

A teenager in Florida has gone viral after being pulled over by police while wearing a face full of Shrek makeup. UPI reports that Twitter user HayBay shared a photo of herself made up as the green […]

22 hours ago

It’s National Dictionary Day, Word!

Dictionary Day is on October 16. The unofficial holiday celebrates the birth anniversary of American lexicographer, Noah Webster. Born on October 16, 1758, Webster is best known for publishing An American Dictionary of the English Language, the precursor of the now famous and widely used Merriam-Webster Dictionary.


Woman Pulls Shark Out Of Rock Pool. @thelucylopez

An Australian real estate agent has become a viral sensation after being filmed removing a shark from a rock pool in the suburb of Cronulla on Sunday. ABC reports that Melissa Hatheier has been dubbed […]


Lindsay Lohan’s Bizzarre Plea For Harvey Weinstein Is Enabling AF. @thelucylopez

Lindsay Lohan defended disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein in a now-deleted Instagram story. “Hi, this is Lindsay Lohan,’ she said in a clip posted Tuesday. ‘I’m in Dubai, I’m home, and I feel very bad […]


Taylor Swift Is A Creeper! 😜 @thelucylopez

Taylor Swift is set to return to the stage for her first live shows in the weeks following the release of her upcoming album Reputation. She’s set to perform at two radio concerts in December […]


Congratulations, It’s National Handbag Day!

Today is October 10th and it’s National Handbag Day.   It’s the perfect day for you to bust out your most expensive handbag!  Pretend it’s totally normal to walk around with a mortgage payment hanging off your […]


Man Shot, Survived & Saved 30 People At The Same Time In Las Vegas. 😔

Smith – grabbed people and told them to follow him toward a handicapped parking area in the direction of the airport, away from Las Vegas Boulevard. Smith said, “You could hear the shots. It sounded like […]


Dude Flips Off Shooter! 😧 @thelucylopez

The most insane country music  fan flipped the bird at the Las Vegas gunman as he fired bullets into a crowd of concertgoers.   The video, obtained by The Sun, shows the unidentified man holding a can of […]


Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. 💔 @thelucylopez

Last night, JP shared with me the most heart breaking video I’ve seen yet about Puerto Rico. Please donate to the charity of your choice today and make a difference in PUERTO RICO today. This […]


Happy National Good Neighbor Day!

Today is September 28th and it’s National Good Neighbor Day.  I think we all had that one crazy neighbor growing up? OR we live next to one right now?! The best neighbors I’ve ever had […]



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