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Hola! I’m Lucy Lopez. Philanthropist of “Cool” and advocate of “Awkward.” We might know each other. I truly believe POP CULTURE is not limited to celebrity news – As a matter of fact, we really want to focus on local pop culture. We love it all, we welcome you to share our posts and please feel free to comment good, bad or the “usual”. Follow me on twitter @TheLucyLopez.

Showtime's VIP Pre-Fight Party For "MAYHEM: MAYWEATHER VS. MAIDANA 2"

#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez: 2Chainz for Mayor!!!

2 Chainz has revealed plans to run for mayor of his hometown of College Park, Georgia.  He says he got everybody wishing! He also said, “I’m really gonna do this little mayor thing in College […]

4 hours ago

Two clothespins at a clothesline ( with heart and question mark ), Symbolic picture for: Love, seperation, relationship.

#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez: Top 10 Reasons for Divorce in 2015.

Here are the TOP 10 Reasons for divorce in 2015! 1. “He didn’t like the movie ‘Frozen’.” ((that’s a total deal breaker for me)) 2.  “She was possessed by a genie.” ((I’ve been told I’m […]

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Valentino : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week : Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-2015

#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez: Hermione Granger is Princess Belle.

“Harry Potter” hottie EMMA WATSON is set to play Belle in a live-action version of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”.  OMG does that mean Emma is gonna sing all our favorites? Will they cast JP as the Beast? […]



#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez: Top Google Searches by Men!

The “New York Times” found men Google questions about their penis more than their lungs, liver, feet, ears, nose, throat, and brain COMBINED.   I mean aren’t there cooler things to google boys? Here are some […]



#LucyLopez – What are Dancing Chickens?

It’s rare that I post about my kids… BUT today makes 100 days of school! We made a 100 day shirt and my daughter’s song is what some may call “Broadway-esque.” #LucyLopezIsAMom #dancingchickens     […]


NewsCenter 4 (WNBC) - Season 1

#LucyLopez – This WEATHERMAN is MY LIFE!!!

Right above is the most epic #snowmaggedon2015 forecast to ever slap the internet in the face. His name is … Frankie.  


Paris Hilton Promotes Her New Show "The World According To Paris" At Kitson At Santa Monica Place

#MorningBuzz: 28 Txts that EVERY Parent Should Know!!

This morning our show tackled the topic all parents dread … TEXT MESSAGE DECODING! Here’s a list of codes ya’ll must know. Feel free to hit print! I’m scared for our future!!! #lucylopez 1. IWSN […]



#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez – #KanyeWest and the #Illuminati

Just came across this awesome article … my pals over at Media Take Out are saying this is photographic prof that Kanye has sold his soul to the devil. He is definitely with the Illuminati! […]



#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez – Feyoncè

Beyonce threatened a company that came pretty pretty close to using her name to sell coffee mugs … and guess what? –  you can’t buy them anymore! Etsy — a craft website that’s a cross […]


triangle earings

#FashionFriday w #LucyLopez : House of Harlow Jewelery & Target slides?! Yes, Please!

How lucky are we? I mean we live in Miami and we can wear Flippy Floppys in January! Here are some of my weekend picks! I love that we can rock spring looks NOW!!! #MiamiGirlForever […]




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