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Hola! I’m Lucy Lopez. Philanthropist of “Cool” and advocate of “Awkward.” We might know each other. I truly believe POP CULTURE is not limited to celebrity news – As a matter of fact, we really want to focus on local pop culture. We love it all, we welcome you to share our posts and please feel free to comment good, bad or the “usual”. Follow me on twitter @TheLucyLopez.

By: Paula Bronstein

#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez – Little Girls Love MakeUp

I have two little girls & their favorite thing to do? Play with lizards and wear my make up. NOT at the same time, but yes they love going through my makeup. This video perfectly […]



#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez – Gold In Your Poop!

A new study found there are tiny amounts of precious metals in our POOP . . . including gold, silver, and platinum.  And across the entire American population, we could be pooping $4 billion worth […]


56th GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez – WTF is Iggy Azalea Saying?

After a Vine of Iggy Azalea performing “D.R.U.G.S.” during a concert in 2013 recently emerged online, the Internet exploded with people trying to decipher its lyrics. This is Iggy Azalea confusing everyone with her incoherent rapping […]


"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Candids

#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez – Jessica Lange Teaches Us All How To Throw Shade.

The first time Jessica Lange (American Horror Story) taught us how to properly throw shade it was a hot balmy night on a red carpet somewhere in Hollywood, California. I watched this moment in horror […]


Australian Twitter Craze Gains Momentum

#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez – Report Trolls Thanks to Twitter

You know how sometimes you might get attacked on twitter or instagram? by those horrible internet trolls? Well actress Ashley Judd isn’t having it – she’s a huge University of Kentucky Wildcats fan — and […]


By: David Buchan

#TheDownLow Presents #LucyLopez and #JussieSmollett

I love sitting down with artists who LOVE what they do. I know, that’s a weird statement. You would be shocked at how many people I sit down with who aren’t in LOVE with their […]


WPOW/ Photo by Lucy Lopez

A Fun Night at the MEA’s with CCNN Live #LucyLopez

For the first time in MEA history, the team over at CCNN LIVE included “Best On Air Radio Personality” as a category.  I was surrounded by the best in South Florida journalism. I’m extremely proud […]


Photo by @thelucylopez / Lucy Lopez WPOW

What Does Your Name Mean? #LucyLopez

What does your name really mean? I love doing this! This little online test is pretty accurate & why not share it?  If you’re a guy reading this, I would totally save this to my home […]


Credit: ROSLAN RAHMAN / Staff

#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez – Anonymous message to Kanye West.

This gives me chills. If there were one group I admire & fear .. it would have to be Anonymous. What is anonymous? Find out for yourself & click on the video above. If there […]


By: Handout

#LucyLopez – A goat dressed like Queen Elsa from Frozen! You’re Welcome.

“Frozen” has made  over $347 million in the U.S. and probably over $462 million in international territories! This makes me understand why goats are also in love with Frozen. Goats LOVE Frozen. Don’t fight the […]