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NEW YORK - JUNE 25:  Rapper Jay-Z arrives at the after party for a concert to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his first album, "Reasonable Doubt" at the Rainbow Room June 25, 2006 in New York City.  (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images For Universal Music)

#KcChopz : The Roc Reunites At Jay-Z’s Tidal B-Sides Concert!

So Jay-Z threw a B-sides concert for his Tidal subscribers. I got to check out the stream of the concert. I have been to a couple Jay-Z shows but the “B-Side” concert was special because […]


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#KcChopz Man Builds Tiny House For A Homeless Woman Sleeping In The Dirt!

This is DOPE! Man finds a homeless woman sleeping in the dirt and builds her a mini house! Giving a couple dollars is cool (not in lauderdale lol) but building a house?! Make sure you […]


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#KcChopz : Manny Pacquiao’s Official Music Video For Floyd Mayweather Fight!

The fight of a lifetime! Im excited for the fight. Hopefully they’ll be showing it at the FAU graduation party i’ll be DJing at. I always root for the underdog, so i’m hoping Manny wins. […]


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#KcChopz : Stephen Curry Hits 77 Three-Pointers In A Row During Practice!

This is incredible! To make 20, 3 pointers in a row is incredible but 77!!! 3 pointers! NOT free throws lol.  its unfathomable to me. Needless to say, i’m excited the NBA playoffs have begun, […]


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The beautiful and inspiring Tori Kelly pops in at the Power 96 Studios to chat with KC Chopz about the fire in her after her Run In With Simon Cowell on her American Idol Audition […]



LunchMoney Lewis – Bills

This is a new song we added on Power 96! LunchMoney Lewis – Bills! He’s a great friend and has been making music forever! He finally has a hit! The video is awesome too! He […]


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#KcChopz Diarrhea In An Elevator Prank!

This video had me in tears!!! I dont know what i would do in a situation like this lol. People are starting to get creative with these pranks! Its funny until you’re the victim. ~Via […]


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#KcChopz Aladdin City Coming To Dubai, Built To Look Like Floating Genie Lamps!

Im a big fan of Dubai. Ive never been there, but it definitely is on my bucket list. I heard its like traveling into the future. The tallest building in the world, man made islands, […]


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#KcChopz Wannabe Rappers Begging Kanye West To Give Them A Chance In New York “Take My Phone, I’ll Call You!”

LMAO! The dedication! They said they were there all week though! Ye should of at least took a cd. It will work for some people. After all, J Cole waited for Jay-Z in the rain […]


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#KcChopz Christina Milian Reveals Her Secret To Getting A Bigger Booty!

Ladies! Butt shots are not the answer! The gym is! Listen to Christina give a couple tips on how to make your badonkadonk more plump. lol Via WorldstarHiphop ~