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Kim Kardashian Gets Paid How Much To Do WHAT??

Bad news guys.  We are still broke.  But Kim Kardashian is far from it.  No doubt you’ve probably wondered what it was like to live her lifestyle.  So here’s just one more thing that might […]



Which Kind Of Porn Is 500 Years Old???

FOOD PORN!!! How tired of you of seeing people in restaurants take pictures of their food?  Or maybe YOU are that person. No judgement.  We’ve all been there.  Turns out it didn’t just start with […]


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How To Find Every Last Pokémon!!

this is only for CHEATERS.  If you wanna know a way to find all the Pokémons your heart desires I found a way!  If you are not a cheater then stop reading, but for the […]


Rick Ross (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Rick Ross Drops HOW Much On WHAAAT?

When you got it, you got it I guess.  Rick Ross definitely has it. The other night he dropped $1,400 dollars!!! — plus left a 22% tip — at a restaurant on Saturday night. I […]



You’ll Never Guess What Attacked A Woman Outside Her Miami Home!

I love the movie Madagascar.  So much so that I looked into buying a Lemur.  Ok, I didn’t.  But I dreamed about having one and how cute they were.  And how it must be to […]


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What To Do If You NEVER Wanna See Pokemon Again

Well, you may be one of the VERY few who aren’t playing this game.  Maybe you just don’t care.  Maybe you are tired of hearing about Pokemon.  Maybe you just have no heart.  JK/JK But […]


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Maybe you are one of the people playing Pokemon right now.  If so, this is for you.  think of it as a cautionary tale if you don’t pay attention.  Check out the dangers of Pokemon […]


DONSOL, PHILIPPINES: Tourists follow a huge whale shark, nearly 6 meters (20 feet) long, swimming near the surface of the plankton-rich water of Donsol, 24 May 2007. The whale sharks (scientific name: Rhinchodon typus) have been slaughtered for its meat in some other parts of the country before, but environmentalist came to the rescue of the endangered giant fish and developed an eco tourism program for Donsol, turning what was once a backward fishing town in the eastern Philippines into a prime tourist spot offering visitors a swim with the whale sharks and transforming local fishermen into whale spotters, dive guides and whale protectors.  AFP PHOTO/SCOTT TUASON (Photo credit should read SCOTT TUASON/AFP/Getty Images)

Ladies, Your Newest Fad….#Fishbras

Since we live in South Florida, no doubt you’ve seen a few of these pics floating around for awhile.  Fishbras.  Yes, you heard me right.  What is a fishbra you say?  Well, it consists of a […]


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News Anchor Caught Out There Playing Pokemon

Well, it’s official.  The world country has gone Pokemon crazy.  Even news anchors can’t help but roam around their studios looking for them.  Check this video of news anchor Allison Kropff “accidentally” interrupt the weather forecast […]


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Who REALLY Stole The Show At Ciara’s Wedding

Last week Ciara got married.  It was beautiful.  She married her prince charming it seems.  I’m super happy for her, she looks overwhelmingly HAPPY.  And they make a perfect couple.  Now while Ciara looked absolutely […]



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