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Rosa Salgado my #HERO (AfrikaOnAir)

As you prepare for graduation, can I please tell you the BEST graduation story EVER?!?Her name is Rosa Salgado and she is EVERYTHANG. Lemme give you the bullet points: 1. She arrived in Miami 20 […]

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#WUT?! Kim K BANS SELFIES?!? (AfrikaOnAir)

Her new book features over 400 pages of selfies.  400.  But don’t try to snap a selfie around her! KIM(QUEEN OF THE SELFIE GAME) reportedly banned selfies at her book signing at the Barnes & Noble […]

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THIS guy is the REAL MVP of the Met Gala! (AfrikaOnAir)

Hey, guy holding a slice of pizza while snapping a pic of the QUEEN BEY herself.  YOU sir, are AWESOME. This guy didn’t let hunger hold him back while remaining *ahem* professional.  Yes, Beyonce you […]

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Amy Schumer for PREZ!

Can we just make Amy Schumer our unofficial girl spokesperson already?! Last night on ‘Inside…’, she gave us another GREAT parody about our culture.  More specifically about how boys feel about us and …  Watch. […]


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Meet EVERYONE’S FAVORITE Mom right now

You heard of Toya Graham?  She’s the mother who was caught on video smacking her son after witnessing him throwing objects at officers. “That’s my only son and at the end of the day I […]


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Khloe’s comments on Baltimore make some people upset

Seems like no one wanted to hear what a certain Kardashian thought about the Baltimore riots. On Monday, as the protests turned to riots, Khloe took to Instagram to share a message that read “Pray for […]


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No doors, windows, license OR insurance? No problem.

This is gonna sound like a joke but you ready for this???   A guy got pulled over while driving a van without doors, windows and licence plates. AND…. A wooden stool was strapped to […]


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Did Justin ‘Bully’ his way into a Prom?

According to TMZ: Justin Bieber was not welcome at the high school prom he crashed this weekend — not by the adults, anyway — because school administrators say he physically shoved his way into the […]


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Instagram released three new filter options for iOS and Android on Monday. Even more exciting is that the photo editing and sharing app will now support emojis in hashtags. Huge news. How do I get […]


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Would you vote THIS guy for Prez?

Add one more candidate to watch in the Presidential race! In an interview with Rolling Stone on Monday, rapper Waka Flocka Flame made good on a 2012 tweet and announced his bid for the 2016 presidency, […]