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There’s #Levels To This #Selfie Game!

Hopefully all your selfies are a work of art.  And hopefully you know the RULES to this selfie game.  No?  Then put together some basics that you should ALWAYS remember. Read the list here: […]


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Because I’m Happy????

How many “happy people” do YOU know?  Are YOU happy?  I hope so.  In case your not, here are 9 things happy people DON’T DO.  This list is courtesy of!! 1. They don’t criticize. […]


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Normally I would STAN so hard for Ikea.  But this one has me scratching my head a little.  In a time where everyone is connected to thier phones ALL THE TIME.  You would think dinner […]


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Ways To Tell He’s NOT The One

You just started dating a guy, and you wanna know if he’s a keeper?  I just read a great list from and they basically NAILED IT. Starting with these gems: 1. He’s a little […]


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Schools About To Launch PHYS ED Online?!

Um, this is weird.  Remember P.E. class?  Yeah well, it’s a little different these days.  This is gonna sound like a joke but North Carolina’s Virtual Public School is piloting an online high school gym class […]


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5 Things You Will Learn From ‘I Am Cait’

Well, it’s almost time. ‘I am Cait’ premieres this Sunday.  Will you be watching?  I know I will!  But just in case you need a little heads up about what you will see on the […]


attends the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Entourage" at Regency Village Theatre on June 1, 2015 in Westwood, California.

How Rachel Dolezal Is Making Ends Meet These Days

Remember Rachel Dolezal?  She dominated headlines for weeks.  People were so confused how/why this white woman was pretending to be black. Well the backlash was great.  So not only did she have to resign as […]


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What Breaking Up Actually Does To Your Brain

OH NO.  I guess that saying that ‘breaking up is hard to do’ was realer than we thought.  According to new research breaking up really…  They say in some extreme cases, the stress can make […]


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Lebron And Jimmy Fallon Play FACEKETBALL

I love Jimmy Fallon.  And Lebron.  And I guess when you have the greatest player in the world you can’t just do any old thing.  You gotta make it special right?  Ladies and gentlemen I […]


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Apple Releases The New Generation Of iPod

Hard to believe but it’s been 14 years since the original Apple iPod was launched.  And let’s just say it went well.  Well now, Apple is launching a new generation of iPods. On Wednesday, Apple […]