#WHOAAAA #Breaking Lil Wayne NOW suing his former friend for….51MILLION!

Lil Wayne has made good on his promise to go after Cash Money … because he’s filed a lawsuit asking a judge to end his contract with Birdman’s label. According to the lawsuit, obtained by […]

18 hours ago


#WUTTTT ‘Gang Bang’ is Ariana Grande’s fav

What do we know about the relationship between teeny-tiny teacup pop star Ariana Grande and her boyfriend, the obnoxious-yet-appealing rapper Big Sean? We know that they like to hold hands. We know that they like […]

20 hours ago


#AWWW Dude asks Selena Gomez to his prom in an #Epic way!

Prom has long been known as a night to remember. For Enterprise High School senior Cole LaBrant, such a night might just include his celebrity crush. Fans of Dem White Boyz on Vine have seen […]

20 hours ago


#SMH Judge orders man to pay child support for a child that’s not his!

This has gotta be one of the weirdest stories I’ve read in a long time….would you believe a man in Detroit HAS to pay child support for a child that’s not his?  Yeah, it happened. […]



#WUT?! Court rules parents can’t name their child ‘Nutella’ :/

If you ever thought of naming your child (when you decided to have one), an exotic name then this story is for you. Forget Apple, Blue Ivy and the many other weird Hollywood names….this one […]



Study says iPhone users smarter than Android users

Are you an iPhone user? Congratulations! You’re probably smarter than the Android owner sitting next to you. A new study conducted by online advertising network Chitika found that states with more college graduates tend to […]



#VIRAL ‘Bad Lip Reading of the NFL 2015′ #MUSTSEE

have you guys seen the videos where we “kinda” hear what the NFL players are saying?  But not really….anyway, here’s the latest from the geniuses behind BAD LIP READING!


19_07_2010 - 19.27.45 - SUN - PSN_9_WHITE_BABY.jpg

#WUT Couple gives birth to baby, of another race

As promised….   When Angela Ihegboro first saw her newborn daughter, she was “speechless.” “She’s a miracle baby,” the 35-year-old mother said yesterday. “But still, what on Earth happened here?” What happened is that baby […]


#HotOrHmmm Nick Jonas …Sex Symbol?

With songs like JEALOUS and now his new song CHAINS, Nick Jonas is keeping it sexy for the ladies these days…here’s just a few pics (courtesy of eonline) that show off his *ahem* assets.   […]




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