Some Fans of The Weeknd Are Heartbroken And Here’s Why!!!!

The Weeknd has millions of fans and that’s why an alcohol company wanted to sponsor a very private and intimate concert featuring the pop singer during the MTV VMAs Weekend. The concert was all set to go with the RSVP’s sent out to exclusive fans but on the day of the show, it was a whole different story.

The day of the show, the setup was going as scheduled when all of a sudden guests reportedly saw workers load equipment and other items back onto trucks. They allegedly found out that the swanky L.A. event had been cancelled. It doesn’t appear that The Weeknd was acting like a diva and just pulled the plug. Many are saying it happened due to improper permits to host the party. Fans at the event were notified and took to social media to express their sadness. Just playing devil’s advocate while also looking at the facts and it looks like it was TOTALLY out of The Weeknd’s control.


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