Everything You Need To Know About The Solar Eclipse

The day is finally here, for the first time in 99 years the solar eclipse will be seen. Doctors everywhere are urging everyone to use caution, unless you have the special solar glasses do not look directly at it. If you do look directly at the eclipse, you could cause serious damage to your corona, which could result in permanent damage to the eye.

The event is set to last a total of 2 hours 54 minutes. If you are in Miami, you can check it out beginning at 1:26 pm and will end at about 4:20 pm, it will be at its max at around 2:58 pm. Super cool bro, be sure to check it out! But please use the proper eye protection. Keep in mind, the moon will be covering 85% of the sun. Who knows the next time something like this will happen. Check out the live stream below!



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