Scott Disick Robbed

Seems like an inside job to me! Recently a lot of celebs have been having their homes burglarized and Scott was the most recent victim. While in Vegas celebrating his birthday, his home was broken into and ransacked. The robbers knew exactly where to go to be out of sight from cameras so it definitely seems like an inside job, someone close to Scott had to of done it.

While he seems totally not bothered by it, I would be concerned beings he has kids and they frequent that property often. Although the robbers only opened a few of his drawers, and left empty handed I would definitely step up security over there. Ever since Kim’s robbery in Paris you would think everyone would have different security measures. Then again, Scott was too busy partying in Vegas to care! What else is new, right? Seems like he is back to his old ways and can care less about whats happening. Hopefully he is not spiraling out of control again.


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