When Celebrating Cinco De Mayo Goes Terribly Wrong!!!! ~@JayOnAir96

Cinco de Mayo fell on a Friday this year, which meant the weekend got a whole lot more lit than usual!!!! A Pennsylvania woman turnt up over the weekend and it landed her in jail!!!!

So here’s what went down. The woman went out drinking and decided to walk by herself to a nearby family member’s house…at least she thought it was her relatives’ house. You see the lady walked to an unknown house and couldn’t get in at first. She tried to open several windows but wasn’t successful. She was finally able to pry open a window and climbed her way into the home. The homeowner became suspicious when he saw the window open so he called police. By that time, the lady made herself comfortable in one of the beds and fell asleep. LMAO!!!! Sounds a lot like Goldilocks and the Three Bears but I promise this actually happened and I’m not making it up!!!! The cops came out and arrested her for burglary and trespassing.


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