OMG…Poor Puppy Tortured By Kids Gets Help. (Video) ~@JayOnAir96

So there’s a dog from Turkey named Pascal who’s getting attention from around the world after what he endured. If you’re a dog lover like me, then this story is sure to tug at your heart. Pascal was a stray dog that was tormented by children in the neighborhood where he roamed. What the kids did will break you heart…Back in November, kids covered him in glue and then drugged him through mud. The glue and mud settled in and became a hard, sore shell for the poor puppy.

WARNING…The link to watch the video is below and might be hard to watch at first. Click link to watch the video.

Luckily, he was rescued and taken to an animal shelter called He’Art Rescue where he was being looked after. The rescue group is credited with saving Pascal’s life because made a full recovery from the physical and mental abuse. As a matter of fact, ┬áhe’s finally been adopted and is now thriving with his new family in Spain!!!!


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