Eating Fries At McDonald’s Will Never Be The Same After Seeing This!!!! (Video) ~@JayOnAir96

Do you love eating the french fries at McDonald’s?!? Well, how you eat their World Famous Fries just got interesting!!!!

The fast food chain is releasing a new utensil that has so many talking. ┬áIt’s called the “Frork.” Yep, the name has the words fry and fork worked into it!!!! Apparently the company wanted to help you slop up that savory Mac Sauce that might have spilled from your burger. Or perhaps their new sauces like Pico Guacamole, Sweet Bacon BBQ, Maple Bacon, which you can get on a burger or chicken sandwich.

OK so enough talking about it!!!! Check out the video of their new utensil called “Frork,” below!!!!


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