#DeathRogen: Seth Rogen Fakes His Death on Billy on the Street #Jp

On the latest episode of Billy on the Street, host Billy Eichner attempted to convince New York pedestrians that Seth Rogen had just passed away. Meanwhile, the very-much-alive Rogen pretended to be Eichner’s cameraman. The reactions ranged from ambivalence (“I haven’t the slightest idea who that guy is”) to horrified (“Oh my gosh, my chest is hurting”). When one man was asked what he suspected the cause of Rogen’s death was, he responded, “I hope it’s not drugs…And they can always drop the AIDS card.” Meanwhile, a gay couple hilariously revealed that they considered Rogen to be a member of the bear community. When it was revealed that Rogen was indeed alive and well, the host proposed a three-way between him and the men. “If I were gay, I would totally join you guys,” the actor added.

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