South Park Mocks Election: Women Can Be Anything, Except President… #Jp

The writers and producers of Comedy Central’s South Park reportedly had to rewrite Wednesday’s episode at the last minute after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the presidential race. According to Esquire, the original episode was titled “The Very First Gentleman” and showed Bill Clinton preparing to visit South Park Elementary. However, the replacement episode that aired was called “Oh, Jeez” and mocked the results of the election. It featured a scene in which Randy Marsh, his wife Sharon and their daughter Shelly discussed politics at the dinner table. “Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I sure am excited,” Randy declared. “America’s going to be great again. Aren’t you excited, gang?” Shelly quickly retorted, “No, I’m not excited! It sucks, Dad! This country’s going to suck for four years!” Randy’s response: “Oh come on, Shelly. We’ve learned that women can be anything. Except for president.” Ouch!

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