Nelly Compares Colin Kaepernick to Rosa Parks

"It doesn’t matter when it starts or how it starts or why it starts. The thing is it’s here."

By Amanda Wicks

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has drawn both praise and censure for refusing to stand during the national anthem, but Nelly for one understands and applauds his decision to protest.

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Appearing on the program Undisputed, Nelly said, “For the one thing, I think what he’s doing is totally within his right. For another thing, of course I applaud whatever his revelation is for making him take his stance because it is a serious issue and I’m with him.”

But Nelly mentioned how some people thought Kaepernick was only protesting because he wasn’t starting, and that if he was he wouldn’t be so quick to criticize the national anthem. That doesn’t matter to Nelly. “If you look at any type of movement all throughout history, when Rosa Parks didn’t get up, she was tired,” he explained. “Had she not been tired maybe she would have got up. Maybe it hadn’t started then. It doesn’t matter when it starts or how it starts or why it starts. The thing is it’s here.”

Besides, according to Nelly, whether Kaepernick is starting or not, he’s still putting his career on the line by making such a public statement, one that hasn’t sat well with football fans and certain portion of the American public. “For someone like Colin Kaepernick to jeopardize everything he’s worked for up to this point…I think the brother’s genuine, I’m definitely in his corner,” he added. “I know Colin, I’ve met him a few times. I think we don’t know the real Colin Kaepernick yet because I think he’s finding himself.”

Nelly isn’t the first to speak up about Kaepernick and show his support. John Legend, Common and more have sided with the football players decision to protest.

See Nelly’s full interview below.

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