#SupaDave – Sorry… We have to cancel wine night this week.

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(Photo credit: MAXIM MALINOVSKY/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit: MAXIM MALINOVSKY/AFP/Getty Images)

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Radio Guy at Power 96.5 - CBS radio in Miami
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(Reading this story shocked me off my feet…I almost spilled my wine)


Can wine cause cancer?


The answer yes… and maybe, if you drink enough of the cheap stuff and it comes from California, it can be severely harmful to your health.

(Here’s why)

It seems like all the wine coming out of California (which is most of it) contains “Some very, very high levels of arsenic,” according to Kevin Hicks who started BeverageGrades, a laboratory that analyzes wine.

Dont know what arsenic is? Well, its poison, its in cigarettes, it can give you cancer, and it can kill you over time. This is some very scary stuff because I love wine, and also because the government has no rules about labeling requirements to tell you what’s really in wine. I thought I knew how wine was made by what I saw in an old “ I Love Lucy” episode, but I guess I was wrong again. I hope they figure out this dilemma asap because daddy needs his Jesus juice.


It’s a sad day for winos everywhere.


If you want to read more check out the link below:









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