2 Chainz Talks Running for Mayor, Releases New Mixtape

By Philip Cosores

For those not from Georgia, College Park is a city in the greater Atlanta metropolis, though it has its own mayor and city council and such. This may become more important than you might think, as an unexpected candidate is possibly emerging to run for Mayor of College Park: 2 Chainz.

Yes, that 2 Chainz. Though he doesn’t really have much political work on his resume, the popular rapper is well-versed at being in the public spotlight and inspiring people to action, so maybe that is enough.

“I am looking forward to running at the end of this year or next year. [I’m] waiting to see if I meet all of the qualifications!” 2 Chainz told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He reiterated the interest to XXLMag.com: “I’m supposed to be running for mayor in College Park. I got everybody wishing.”

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Whether or not this actually happens remains to be seen, but the interest is at least there, and with a modest population of 13,942, it might be a good proving ground for an inexperienced political leader. We all had to start somewhere.

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